Lorenzo Lamas

Lorenzo Lamas - the son of Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas - was raised in Pacific Palisades, California In 1968 his family moved to New York.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo was born Dan Trejo in Echo Park, Los Angeles, to Alice (Rivera) and Dan Trejo, a construction worker.

Connor Pryce

Born and raised in California, Connor is well known for the movie "A Little Christmas Business" (2013/Family Drama).

Elisha Kriis

Actress Elisha Patel, also known as Elisha Kriis, started her career as a host for India's first International Travel Channel.

Brian Goff

Brian Goff is an alumnus of the prestigious acting training facility, The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, CA. Brian started his acting career at the age of 7.

Carlos Compean

Carlos Compean is known for his work on Contraband (2012), Lawn Wars (2011) and Rough Riders (1997).

Shawna Craig

Shawna Craig is an actress, host and model born in Los Angeles, CA and raised near Tallahassee, FL.

Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson was born in Michigan and grew up being raised in North Dakota, Utah, and Texas.

Corbin Timbrook

Corbin Timbrook is an actor and producer, known for The Killer Within Me (2003), The Indian (2007) and The Belly of the Beast (2007).

Richard Acosta

Richard Acosta is known for his work on Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God... Be Back by Five (1998), BorderCross and American Rampage (1989).

Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez is an actor, known for Between the Lines (2015), Leaving Death Row (2005) and BorderCross.

Shelby Janes

Shelby Janes is known for her work on Freak (2011), Ecstasy (2011) and Divorce Texas Style (2016).

Joshua Diaz

Joshua Diaz is an actor, known for BorderCross.

Troy Parker

Troy Parker is an actor and producer, known for Answers (2013), Red Pearl (2015) and Guyco (2013).

Chad Thackston

Chad Thackston is an actor and producer, known for Dreamland Murders (2014), Dawn of the Crescent Moon (2014) and Between the Lines (2015).

Howard Calvert

Howard Calvert is an actor and director, known for My Time to Die (2014), The Order of Things (2012) and Jacob (2011).

Gene Bolton

Gene Bolton is an actor, known for Two for the Money (2005), The Waiter (2010) and Destitution (2007).

Dennis O'Neill

Dennis O'Neill is known for his work on Dragon Ball Z (1996), Loving (1983) and Bail Out (2010).

Joseph Love

Joseph Love is an actor, known for Alternate Realities (2014), Boston Nightly: Long Term Parking (2015) and BorderCross.

Chuck Walker

Chuck Walker is an actor, known for Burned Soul (2011) and BorderCross.

Mykle McCoslin

Mykle McCoslin was born in Houston,Texas to her father Michael, an Irish-American and her Honduran mother, Emma Cardona.

Nick W. Nicholson

Nick W. Nicholson is an actor and producer, known for Jacob (2011), The Family Secret (2012) and Killin' Time (2012).

Shawn Gourley

Shawn Gourley is an actor and art director, known for Burned Soul (2011), BorderCross and The Texas Triangle (2011).

Bj Coons

Bj Coons is known for his work on BorderCross.

Gloria Garcia

Gloria Garcia is an actress, known for BorderCross.

Grace Ann McDaniel

Grace Ann McDaniel is an actor, known for BorderCross.