An ASGE ASPIRE Film In Association With Walkercable Productions

Director By : Chuck Walker

Screenplay By : Chuck Walker

Music By : Rabid 'Deranged’ bd

Director of Photography : DJ McConduit

Executive Producers : Robert Maerz, Charlie Gilmore, Dan Walker

Produced by : Sam Cable , Chuck Walker, Nancy Becker

Ex-boxer Danny"Boy" Jackson only left the room for a second, and came back to find his son gone. He quickly finds that human traffickers have taken him to be sold in the Middle East. With only hours left, and the clock ticking, Danny "Boy" Jackson comes out of retirement



  • Lorenzo Lamas
    Lorenzo Lamas
  • Danny Trejo
    Danny Trejo
  • Connor Pryce
    Connor Pryce
  • Elisha Kriis
    Elisha Kriis
  • Brian Goff
    Brian Goff
  • Carlos Compean
    Carlos Compean
  • Shawna Craig
    Shawna Craig
  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson
  • Corbin Timbrook
    Corbin Timbrook
  • Richard Acosta
    Richard Acosta
  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez
  • Shelby Janes
    Shelby Janes
  • Joshua Diaz
    Joshua Diaz
  • Troy Parker
    Troy Parker
  • Chad Thackston
    Chad Thackston